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Pluvigner agency

Pluvigner agency

With experience 25 years, our group has decided to devote all his energy to the sale, the true proximity and service.

Real Estate Groupe Parki
Pluvigner agency
24, place du marché
56330 Pluvigner
Tél. : 02 97 50 91 99
Fax : 02 97 50 95 94
Timetable :

Lundi : 9h00 - 18h30
Mardi : 9h00 - 18h30
Mercredi : 9h00 - 18h30
Jeudi : 9h00 - 18h30
Vendredi : 9h00 - 18h30
Samedi : 9h00 - 18h30

At Parkı, we have chosen to specialize in the sale and devote all our energy.

Whether to sell your property, since its estimate to completion of the sale, or to purchase the house, land or apartment that will fit your wishes, we will accompany you in your real estate projects.

With this motivation, the team of Pluvigner offers you professionalism, experience and knowledge of a prospecting area rich in different environment: the city, as well as the countryside or the forest, through the doors of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Our agency is located in the center of PLUVIGNER. With more than 100 associations and a growing population, PLUVIGNER is a vibrant and lively. It’s a little town in the countryside: the advantage of the varied and numerous shops combined with the flavor of the beautiful walks in the forest or in the countryside.

In this town, plus a business park that radiates CAMORS, with its forest covering several hectares, to PLUNERET at the gates of Auray and framed either side by the river Auray and the river Sal (Bono of the river), BRECH adjoining the alréenne city, through LANDAUL ideally established midway between Vannes and Lorient, LANDEVANT and active commercial life and BRANDIVY and its famous pancake, PLUMERGAT with its rich heritage and its extensive campaign, including MERIADEC and its proximity or SAINTE ANNE D’AURAY shops famous for its Basilica and its history (but not only!) to get to GRAND-CHAMP, bustling town just minutes from Vannes.

Exclusivity of the agency

Exclusivité Parki

BRECH HOUSE – 1 room(s) – 150 m2

1 bedrooms
1 rooms - 150m²
Terrain : 6000m²
Ref : 7229
291 555 €
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Exclusivité Parki

BUBRY HOUSE – 4 room(s) – 120 m2

3 bedrooms
4 rooms - 120m²
Terrain : 160m²
Ref : 7143
212 640 €
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Exclusivité Parki

House 6 room(s) CAMORS 140 m2

4 bedrooms
6 rooms - 140m²
Terrain : 800m²
Ref : 7379
339 264 €
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A vehicle of 20m2
for a day, for your
In your new "home"
buy with Parki
The provision of a pro
for your
In your new "home"
buy with Parki
The cleaning service
by a professional
offered for your planning
In your new "home"
buy with Parki
The visual design
by a professional
for your future garden
To you to achieve in your new
"Home" purchased with Parkı


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